Thursday, December 27, 2012

December rain and ligularia

The rain over Christmas in Kerikeri might not have been seen as ideal for some people's plans, but it has been brilliant for Roland's Wood, with the the warm, soft, damp weather encouraging fantastic growth - down by the ponds the arum lilies, taro and the "tractor seat" ligularia are flourishing, and it has been a great start to summer for all the young trees planted at the end of winter and the recently planted renga renga lilies.

Here is a link to the Dunedin City Council's webpage about the wonderfully named "tractor seat ligularia", which starts: 
"It is most satisfying when a plant’s common name describes it perfectly. The tractor seat ligularia’s enormous leaves are perfectly reminiscent of an old fashioned tractor seat, amply proportioned and curved for the comfort of your average NZ farmer’s posterior."


Ligularia at Roland's Wood by Keri Molloy. For more photos, see Keri's website

Of course, warm wet weather is great for growing weeds too, and John H says if anyone would be willing to help pull out a few of the small weeds around the young renga renga lilies that would be GREATLY appreciated - phone John to discuss on 09 407 8329 - he said, "If even just one or two people were willing to come lend a hand that would be great".

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