Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Autumn colour

The seasons are so pronounced in a deciduous wood like Roland's Wood, and though it seems like summer is not going to end, if you take a walk through the woods and see the trees turning all shades of red and gold you know we are well into autumn...

Beech and maple, claret ash and tupeloe, liquid amber and ginko... just glorious.

 Photos by Keri Molloy.  Click on photos to enlarge.

I came across this passage in the book The Sin Eater by Gary Schmidt, about the sensory rediscovery  each autumn brings...

"You can’t tell someone what fall leaves look like in New Hampshire. In fact, you can’t even really remember what they look like from one year to the next. Every fall they throw a surprise party, and suddenly you remember what you’ve forgotten. And it’s not just the colours. It’s the cooler breezes that draw across the leaves, making them shiver. It’s the cold dew that beads on them and wets the arm of your jacket. It’s the dusty smell when they are dry in the afternoon. And it’s the thick smoke that coils up from them when they burn just before suppertime."

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