Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pruning in process

John and Judy Horrell and John and Mavis Graham are off to Christchurch to the Ellerslie Flower Show as part of their well-deserved NZ Gardener of the Year prize.

Meanwhile John H asked me to do a quick post here to explain the "heck of a mess" in the Woods at the moment with all the pruning in process... 

John H and helpers from the FNDC are using a new piece of equipment - a chainsaw on a pole - which is fantastic for pruning the trees.  They have been hugely busy, catching up on years of neglect, and you'll see all the prunings lying on the ground - more to come as they work their way around the Woods.

With the warm humid weather the grass and weeds have been "growing like stink" too and so the place is looking, in John's words, "an unholy mess!", but just temporarily...  The next stage is to chip all the prunings up and to use that mulch around the trees, suppressing the weeds and retaining moisture.  John says over the next few months, the place is going to be looking so much better, with the trees in much better shape.

   Still to tackle...

Meanwhile, the naked ladies are flowering, in the swathes of grass and under the trees - here coming up through the piles of prunings.  I'll tell you something funny - of all the posts in this blog, the one with far and away most hits as point of entry is the post titled "Naked ladies at Roland's Wood", but I have a feeling this isn't quite what the searchers had in mind!

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