Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And about the planting of some trees, and hellebores...

Just a brief follow up post to the previous item about the removal of some trees...  John H. mentioned that over 60 trees have been planted so far this year at Roland's Wood, and that 1,000 hellebores are ready to go in soon...

Here are some notes about hellebores from Wikipedia
  • They are particularly valued for their winter and early spring flowering period; the plants are surprisingly frost-resistant and many are evergreen, and are excellent for bringing early colour to shady areas under trees.
  • The scientific name Helleborus derives from the Greek name for H. orientalis "helleboros"; "elein" to injure and "bora" food. Many species are poisonous. 
  • Hellebores flower in spring time, which in the Northern hemisphere is around the period of Lent, and they are often known as Lenten hellebores, oriental hellebores, or Lenten roses, but they are not related to the rose family.