Sunday, August 17, 2014

Billy, Jill and compliments

A lovely email came through on Friday from Jill who loves visiting the Woods with her beautiful golden retriever, Billy...

Hi Jeannie
I would like to say how much I love Roland’s Woods, for so many reasons.  The settings , the gardens, the different seasons and the different views, the freedom to walk my dog without issue, the other lovely people and dogs you meet there.

I am not a local but live in Haruru Falls and visit the Woods whenever I can.  So today I managed a short and level walk at the top of the grounds,  I am 6 weeks in recuperating from a big Spinal Op.  I had been wanting to see the beginning of the spring flowers, I was not disappointed.

I enclose a photo of Billy my Golden retriever enjoying with me some early daffodils.  Thanks to all involved in what is such a delight in my life.

This was such a delight to receive - so glad to have another story to share here on the blog, and who could resist Billy - such a beautiful dog with a backdrop of golden daffodils, like a burst of sunshine on a wintery day...

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