Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Comfort for those who have lost a loved dog...

Hi Jeannie,
My wife and I visited Roland's Wood when we were on holiday last year and again this year.

We have three dogs that we take wherever we can and we all enjoyed our time at the Woods.  I do not have any photos worthy enough to be included in your blog but if you have not seen this attachment already you might find it suitable. I do not know who the author might be but for anybody who has experienced the loss of  their dog we think it is very moving.

Kind regards to you and all the Roland's Woods helpers,
Jan, Mike and our three trouble makers - Tibetan Terrier Duffy, Cairn a girl Georgie, and our West Highland White Terrier Robbie.

Thanks for sharing that, Jan and Mike - tugging on the heartstrings of anyone who has lost a loved canine companion...

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