Thursday, January 22, 2015

Can you help - financially - with mulching the Woods?

ROLAND’S WOOD  needs your help – urgently!  We are seeking financial donations for equipment hire.

We’ve got mountains of mulch, generously donated, now we just need to spread it…  This is beyond a few buckets and willing hands job – it requires the hire of some equipment - a traxcavator. 

The FNDC has said that if we want to mulch the Woods we’ll have to do it ourselves – there is no funding available from them for this project.

Our target is $5,000 - currently we have raised about $550 through donations.

Weather conditions are perfect for spreading the mulch, and now is the time that the plants need it the most.

Why is mulch so important? It is the lifeblood of the Woods.
  • It retains precious moisture in the ground.
  • It prevents soil erosion, improves soil conditions and plant growth, keeps roots cool
  • It suppresses weeds, reducing the need for sprays and labour.
  • It is pleasant to walk on.
It is vital to keep adding mulch to maintain what we have already created.

If you would like to make a contribution, please use this Friends of Roland's Wood bank account Westpac : 03 0351 0000790 000 
or contact John Horrell - phone 407 8239

If everyone who used and enjoyed these Woods chipped in a little bit, we’d reach our target quick smart.   If 200 people each put in $25 we'd be sorted, or a 100 people put in $50, or ...

Thank you so much!