Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Magnolias in flower, beautifully photographed by Barbara Stewart

Through conversations with the main hard worker at Roland's Wood, John Horrell, I was contacted by Barbara Stewart offering some photographs she had taken in the Woods, in particular of all the magnolias, to add to the blog.
What a treat - the warm deep magenta against a wintry soft grey sky... I'll post a few of these here with more to come, and many thanks to Barbara for sharing them.   Barbara's offer has been a catalyst to revisit this poor neglected blog - pressure of work mainly to blame, and I will post some more photos from her and updates of where things are at with the Friends of Roland's Wood soon...

Here's a link to an earlier post about Roland's planting of magnolias from world-renowned, local magnolia breeder, Oswald Blumhardt.

And just a heads up - the very first bluebells are starting to flower - still a way off the blue haze, mid September, but the promise is there...

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