Walkies !

Roland loved dogs, and created his "English woodland" with dogs and their owners in mind. Here are a few pictures of dogs and their owners enjoying the woods.

Owners are encouraged to let their dogs off their leads, but asked to clean up after their dogs and keep them under their control.

August 2014 

Here's Lily with her adorable dog, Zoe, who is full of beans, a little bundle of cuteness...

Zoe can sit, when asked, and also dance !

June 2014
Another sunny "mid-winter" day, almost the shortest day of the year... Here's Louise enjoying the Woods with dogs Meg, in the foreground, and Penny who is being encouraged to stay for a photo by Greg, a friend of the photographer, visiting from Australia.

June 2014
A glorious sunny Sunday, 1st June, and people walking, children playing and dogs doing what they do so well when let off the lead to run and sniff and explore...

Here's a couple of dogs and their owners at the end of their walk, back up near the car park... the Stanton family with Missy - I think she is looking up and saying, :"let's go around again!"

and here, standing in the sunshine with enough bright green in the background to make you think it is springtime - are some of the Charlesworth family - Gyser and fond owner.

February 2014

Here is Andrea, from Harcourts Kerikeri, holding her characterful and energetic terrier, Bingley - the only way we were going to get a photo of this little dog, full of beans and ready to run...

Andrea said she was absolutely delighted to discover Roland's Wood, a place where Bingley could be let off the lead to run around.

January 2014
 Here's Zillah (a Hebrew name meaning shadow or shade) - standing on a log like a lion...

November 2013
Brian and Mitzi have been coming to the Woods for a walk every day, for the past five years, rain or shine...  and Mitzi says, adoringly, "thank you!"

October 2013
 Ollie (in his Chelsea football gear, much to his uncle's approval) with Tilly, a beautiful friendly Blue Heeler.
August 2013
Alyesha with Sid, named apparently after punk rocker Sid Vicious, but a more smiley, amiable and friendly dog it would be hard to meet...

July 2013
Meet Carl (Karl?) and Sarah with their teeny tiny 4 month old Newfoundland puppy, Salford, who is ready to stop for a tummy rub with anyone offering...

June 2013
It was lovely to come across a couple of friends enjoying a sit and chat and view over the autumn woods at the end of a fine Queen's Birthday weekend  - Dorothy and Betty and Betty's dog Mitzi.

Mitzi is a rescued dog - she had a hard life for the first couple of years, tied up and neglected, but then she was rescued by the SPCA and adopted by Betty, and she has never looked back - and her devotion to Betty is clear to see.  Mitzi loves coming to the Woods - she has a morning walk on a lead around the streets, but her afternoon visit to the Woods where she can run around and play with other dogs is her real delight.

May 2013
Dave brings his handsome 2 1/2 year old Alsatian Jack to the Woods most days...  He - Jack - particularly loves the mud!

April 2013
Briar and Charlotte with Ziggy  - seen here like a tightly coiled spring, 100% attention focused on the ball, a dog-full of energy poised to spin, run and fetch...

March 2013

Georgie and Ollie taking their sweet-natured labrador Beanie for a walk....  Lots of good smells to investigate.


February 2013
It's not just Kerikeri people who bring their dogs to enjoy Roland's Wood - these people come over from Kaikohe with Xena and Sheba (hmm, have I got those names right?) - they said it is one of the best places to bring their dogs - and apparently one of the dogs loves the water and the other one loves the mud, which would make for a lovely wet dog smell in the car on the way home !

January 2013
Latest addition to the gallery - Laura and her dog Spencer, and a lovely place for a shady walk...

December 2012
Photos from Starsha, with Summer, the German Shepherd, saying, "come on, let's go.."

and a follow the leader shot, with distractions to investigate en route...  Summer, Ally and Snowy the Bichon

November 2012

Michelle and Toby - Michelle says she brings Toby here to "read the daily doggie newspaper" - who's been here, who's doing what, the latest news...

October 2012

Jake and Ella, checking out the latest edition of the news...

September 2012

Golden labrador Hoover in the bluebells, having his photo taken by owner Su Neave

An autumnal afternoon gathering, human and canine.
Photo by Keri Molloy

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