Early days

Here are some of Roland's photos from the early days, illustrating bare farmland, a few friends to help, and head full of vision for beech woodland, bluebells and a place for dogs to romp around, and a strong and generous heart to make it all happen...
Sadly, few of the photos have names or dates - I'll add what there is / that I can decipher from the blurred fountain pen writing on the back.  If you have any information, or indeed other photos, you'd like to add, just let me know.
A lovely copper beech. Note the pipe which reaches down to the bottom of the tree hole and this allows an even deep watering - and with a solid mulching of 4 - 6 inches this keeps the trees watered and cool over the 4 months of drought.

Roland on the right, 1987
Very early days - the hills beyond not yet planted in pines - Waitangi forest.
This is Tony Crate, March 1987 who helps me every week.  His enthusiasm for this project is a great encouragement.  Having a person alongside the beech tree gives an idea of the size.
Two of the people helping me, August 1986

An approximate view of lake site - the slopes behind we will plant ? next year, God willing. The spring arises just below the old pump shed - looking forward to ? this area still full of wild life.  There has been an old cattle water hole here in the past.

This is the block we first planted, August 1986.
Looking up the valley from the fence.  The forest will come right around the slope on the right.  Inlet Road top of photo where the power lines are. The first planting of beech up near that round macrocarpa top middle of photo.

General view looking down the valley to the spring pump shed and future lake site. This valley now starts over by the three gums.  The stand of gums which are in the neighbours shields us from most of the south and southwest winds.

A closer view of the valley.  The left hand slopes will be where the new beeches will be planted. Since this was taken over 400 places have been prepared on these slopes for this year's planting.
A nice place for rhododendrons and camellias one day. A small group of about 100 redwoods will be in the background of the photo at the top of the slope in the photo. This is the stream which is fed by the spring.

Looking down on the gum forest from the top of the left hand slopes of the valley.

Bluebell plantings 1991

This looks out over Uncle and Aunt's farm - very nearby where I will build some day - this is an early morning photo, 4th April, 1987

Cedus atlantica
Dot Tucker